Fabrangen Cheder Community


The Fabrangen Cheder Jewish community is seeking families with young children. The focus of the Cheder is our Jewish education school, which is a vibrant community of about 20 families. Created more than 30 years ago as an alternative to “drop-off” Sunday school, the Cheder school is a parent-taught cooperative Jewish cultural school.  Our diverse curriculum includes Jewish history and culture, as well as Hebrew and Torah studies. Our children range from pre-K to Bar-Mitzvah age and beyond, and we have a diverse group of parent/teachers to explore, celebrate, and transmit a sense of Jewish belonging. In addition to the school, we have an active program of adult education, holiday celebrations and annual retreats.  We meet Sunday mornings at the Silver Spring Jewish Center in Wheaton.


Fabrangen Cheder (from farbrangen “bringing together in joy”) is a vibrant, progressive Jewish community, including interfaith and multiracial families. The community  celebrates and makes music together, works on social justice projects, and holds High Holiday services.  We generally live in the Takoma Park/Silver Spring area.

To schedule a visit  and/or ask questions, please contact our membership coordinator, Moira Mcdonald (mcdo0311@umn.edu).